These shutters show a non-moveable divider rail in the horizontal center of the shutter.  This allows the louvers top and bottom louvers to open independently and it also covers the window sash and lock.

Door shutters - these are single panel shutters with a solid tilt rod.  The tilt rod controls all the louvers at one time.

2 panel open center set with solid tilt rod

Shutters - The Anatomy

These are the three standard louver sizes:

  1. 2.5" louvers offer a more traditional look and was more commonly used in the past 
  2. 3.5" louvers are the most common, offering plenty of light with a more contemporary look than the 2.5" louvers
  3. 4.5" louvers are the most contemporary offering the most light 

Cafe style shutters only covering the bottom portion of the window leaving the top open.  This is a 4 panel bifold.

  1. Top or Head rail - the size of the head rail is figured mathematically depending on the width and height of the shutter
  2. Mouse Hole - this allows the push rod (6) to sit comfortably flush to allow the least amount of light from the louvers (4)  The shutter in the drawing shows a double mouse hole.  
  3. Frame - we typically mount our shutters on a 4 sided frame on the outside of your trim.  We do this for several reasons:
    1. It allows your windows tilt function to continue operating
    2. The shutter as a whole is more sturdy and has a more finished look 
    3. Mounting inside usually reveals gaps or lack of squareness in windows.  The frame mounted on the face of the trim hides any light gaps
  4. Louvers - the louvers are attached to the stile with the pins, and attached to the push rod with staples.  Louvers come in three sizes (see picture below) as standard.  
  5. Stile - head and foot rails are attached to the stile using wooden dowels.  The louvers are attached to the stile using nylon louver pins allowing the louvers to move up and down
  6. Push rod or tilt rod - The push/tilt rod controls the movement of the louvers.  See below for different options with regard to the push rod
  7. Hinges - we offer several different colors of hinges to choose from

Sidelight shutter showing a split tilt rod - this allows you to open top louvers separately from bottom louvers for privacy and light control

Welcome to the explanation page regarding the interior plantation shutter anatomy.  All plantation shutters are not created equal.  Plantation shutters are built to last a lifetime of home ownership.  Being a hard window treatment allows them to be cleaned (you only need to use a dry dusting product or water to clean them) and the paint used to finish them has an additive that resists peeling, chipping, sun damage, cracking, and becoming brittle due to sun exposure.  Additionally, plantation shutters add value to your home with regard to resale, utility cost savings, and reducing sun exposure to furnishings, flooring, etc.  


4 panel bifold shutters